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5€ to 3k Crystal

10€ to 10k Crystal

25€ to 30k Crystal


Server rates

  • 20x Exp Solo
  • 30x Exp Party
  • 5x Drop
  • 50x Pet Growth
  • 1x Exp Ship
  • 1x Resources Drop


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06:28 07/11/2020

Server rules

Rules In-Game:

1- Allys between different guilds is forbidden on our server, if you are the owner of your guild and try to make ally with an owner of another guild, the administration will delete your guild and also ban your account for 12 hours, or days. Players who are going to report others doing ally, need to at least take a print or a short video.

2- Report bugs that you found on our server, you can receive rewards for that.

2- Players who abuse a bug on our server will have their accounts banned.

3- Forbidden the sale of accounts by USD(real money), or any other item of our game.

4- Never use the same password that you have already used on another server, because stolen accounts will not be our responsibility.

5- Forbidden to share an account with another player, if you share and get stolen, our administration will not be responsible for that.

6- Theft of items in play will not be refunded, so be smart not to be fooled.

7- Never ask a GM for items, if you insist on that, he may ban you.

8- Toxic players who disrespect other players can be mutated for hours or days, and also have their account banned. So always try to have respect for all the other players on our server.

9- We will not give any item to any player for disclosure, players who want to help our server will have to help of their own free will.Server Refund
Reglas en el juego:

1- El aliado entre diferentes gremios está prohibido en nuestro servidor, si usted es el propietario de su gremio e intenta aliarse con un propietario de otro gremio, la administración eliminará su gremio y también prohibirá su cuenta durante 12 horas o días. Los jugadores que van a reportar a otros haciendo aliado, necesitan al menos tomar una print o un video corto.

2- Informe los errores(bugs) que encontró en nuestro servidor, puede recibir recompensas por eso.

2- Los jugadores que abusen de un error(bug) en nuestro servidor tendrán prohibidas sus cuentas.

3- Prohibida la venta de cuentas por USD (dinero real), o cualquier otro artículo de nuestro juego.

4- Nunca use la misma contraseña que ya usó en otro servidor, porque las cuentas robadas no serán nuestra responsabilidad.

5- Prohibido compartir una cuenta con otro jugador, si comparte y es robado, nuestra administración no será responsable de eso.

6- El robo de objetos en juego no será reembolsado, así que sé inteligente para no dejarte engañar.

7- Nunca le pidas itens a un GM, si insistes en eso, él puede prohibirte.

8- Los jugadores tóxicos que no respetan a otros jugadores pueden mutar durante horas o días, y también se les puede prohibir su cuenta. Así que siempre trate de respetar a todos los otros jugadores en nuestro servidor.

9- No daremos ningún artículo a ningún jugador para su divulgación, los jugadores que quieran ayudar a nuestro servidor tendrán que ayudar por su propia voluntad.

Refund Policy

Age of Vikings features an Item Mall that allows players to acquire items, supplies, and services for their characters. The Item Mall uses a form of virtual currency called Crystals. By purchasing any Crystalss or Virtual Items guarantees you that the server will not shut down due to a lack of funds and stay functional for as long as possible Purchases can be made using a variety of methods. After the purchase is made and the funds are cleared, the player's account will be credited and will be available for use in the Item Mall. All purchases are non-refundable

Section I
In order to obtain Crystals, you will be required to provide us, or another payment service designated by us (such as PayPal), with your credit card information and other information related to your credit card transaction (such as your billing and shipping address, your credit card expiration date, etc.). In exchange for your payment, you will receive the designated number of IMPs. You understand and agree that once you authorize a payment, such amount is not refundable.

Section II
By using a credit card on this server, you state to Age of Vikings that you are an authorized user of such credit card. When you purchase, you are making a guarantee that you are the rightful owner of the card or have the card holder's consent. Any attempts to use a card that belongs to another user regardless of your association to the card holder without first gaining the rightful card owner's consent is considered to be fraud and can result in any legal action Age of Vikings deems necessary to recover losses.

Section III
Upon delivery of IMPs or use of any virtually purchased product, you agree that the virtual product is no longer eligible for return. If any payment is disputed or charged back, the associated accounts will be suspended and terminated if any fraudulent activity is detected.

Section IV
Minors are forbidden from making credit card purchases without their parent's consent. Any purchase made by minors using their parent's credit card is subject to the same terms and conditions listed above and is the responsibility of their parents.

Section V
If any sections of this Policy is not acceptable to you, you may stop using the services provided by this server and go find another.

Server status


Server time: 04:51 07/11/2020

No GM online.



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  • Accounts +2 1952
  • Players 853
  • Online peak 134
  • Now playing 40