You can donate if you wish to help keep the server alive, you just have to make the donation and send a private message through Discord to the user "V1k1NGO#6322"

5€ to 3k Crystal

10€ to 10k Crystal

25€ to 30k Crystal


Server rates

  • 20x Exp Solo
  • 30x Exp Party
  • 5x Drop
  • 50x Pet Growth
  • 1x Exp Ship
  • 1x Resources Drop


Tales Of Pirates Private Server Tales of Pirates Private Servers Arena Top 100

Strongest character



Level 120, Voyager


  • Username and Password can be 5-20 characters long inclusive;
  • Username and Password can contain the following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9;
  • The case of letters in the Login has not a value. For example, PlAyEr and Player are the same account;
  • The case of letters in the Password has a value. For example, QwErTy and Qwerty are two different passwords;
  • You can register accounts for one email address: 5;
  • An email address is required to restore your account.

Server status


Server time: 05:40 07/11/2020

No GM online.



  • Characters +3 2865
  • Accounts +2 1952
  • Players 851
  • Online peak 134
  • Now playing 30